The enclosing wall and the entry door of the Miralles Estate, located in the northern part of Barcelona and property of Hermenegild Miralles, a printer established in Barcelona and a good friend of Gaudí’s, who allowed Gaudí to use the enormous presses in his workshops to test the strength of the materials he wanted to use in his works.

The door of the Miralles Estate is large, and stands out for its lobed arch shape, which includes entry for pedestrians and carriages, as well as a large shelter that protects one from the sun and the rain. The door has an undulating enclosing wall, which Gaudí finished with wire netting with metal points that jut out.
Currently, the door is perfectly conserved, but only a section of the of the wall, which was 36 m long, remains.

Cultural Item of National Interest since 1969.

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