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Cube puzzle

Its multiple sides feature images of nature and Gaudí's work.

Price: 8.50 €
Ref. 19605


Set of 3D spiral notebooks, A5 and A6.

Price: 6 € (A5) Ref. 14740
5 € (A6) Ref. 14741

Pencil pot

The cylinder has moveable parts and includes the image of the dragon of Güell Park

Price: 4 € Ref. 19603

Notebooks (trencadís)

Set of spiral notebooks, A4, A5 and A6.

Price: 4,50 € (A4/trencadís) Ref. 19520
4 € (A5/trencadís) Ref. 19521
3,50 € (A6/trencadís) Ref. 19522
Set of mugs

Two mugs, one with the trencadís of Güell Park and the other with reflected water effect.

Price: 18 € (set) Ref. 14741

Notebooks (dragon)

Set of spiral notebooks, A4, A5 and A6.
4,50 € (A4/dragon) Ref. 19517
4 € (A5/dragron) Ref. 19518
3,50 € (A6/dragon) Ref. 19519

Ashtray and candle holder

Glass pieces with the motif in trencadís.

Price: 10 € (ashtray/ trencadís) Ref. 15132)
(ashtray/dragon) Ref. 15131
10 € (candle holder) Ref. 15156


Erasers with trencadís and seabed design.

Price: 2 € (unit)
trencadís Ref. 19523
seabed Ref. 19524

Watch within a tin in the form of a belfry staircase in the Sagrada Família.

Price: 8.50 € Ref. 19602
Individual table mats

Individual table mats with the trencadís of Park Güell.

Price: 7 € Ref.19537

Notebook and pen

Notebook and pen set with trencadís design.

Price: 10 € (set) Ref. 14420
Price: 3 € (pen) Ref. 14421

3D mouse pad and magnet

3D mouse pad and fridge magnet.

Price: 10 € (mouse pad) Ref. 14738
3 € (magnet) Ref. 14739

Black lead pencil

Black lead pencil covered in silver.


Price: 2,50 € Ref. 19801



Gaudí 2002. Miscellanea

Publication in commemoration of the Gaudí Year. It contains 20 articles on the architect and his work in more than 350 richly illustrated pages.

Price: 60 €
Catalan Ref. 19707
Spanish Ref. 19708
English Ref. 19709

Flexible ruler, eraser and pen

Diverse stationary items with the motif in trencadís and reflected water effect.

Price: 3.60 € (flexible ruler) Ref. 19802
2 € (eraser/trencadís) Ref. 19523; (eraser/water) Ref. 19524
2 € (pen) Ref. 14421


Collection of bookmarks with images of nature and Gaudí's works.

Price: 3.50 € (6 units) Ref. 19530
75 cents (1 unit)
Dragon Ref. 19525
Trencadís Ref. 19526
Cactus Ref. 19527
Leave Ref. 19528
Navel Ref. 19529

Hand Ref. 19538
Colouring postcard

Postcard with a sketch of the dragon of Güell Park. It includes a brush and watercolours to colour in.

Price: 3 € Ref. 19601
Fridge magnets

Set of different fridge magnets with natural and Gaudinian references.

Price: 4 € (unit)
Dragon Ref. 19533
Trencadís Ref. 19534
Hand Ref. 19535
Leave Ref. 19536

Jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles of trencadís and the dragon of Güell Park. Each box contains 2 puzzles of 500 pieces.

Price: 10 € (unit)
Ref.11902 (dragon)
Ref. 11907 (trencadís)


Badge with the official Gaudí International Year logo.

Price: 4 € Ref. 19515


The fabric features the water sea effects evoked by Gaudinian trencadís.

Price: 22 € Ref. 15157

Official programme

Guidebook of activities of the Gaudí Year including a brief biography of the architect and descriptions of his main works.

Price: 3 €
Catalan Ref. 09986
Spanish Ref. 09987
English Ref. 09988


Cylindrical lamp with motif in trencadís.

Price: 50 € Ref. 19606


Girl's top with straps.

Price: 10 €
Dragon Ref. 19512
Leave Ref. 19513
Trencadís Ref.19514



Silk foulard with reflected water effect motifs.

Price: 70 € Ref. 19760



Six different coasters.

Price: 4 € (set) Ref.19532


T-shirts, with and without sleeves, with different Gaudinian motifs and their natural references.

Price: 14 € (with sleeves)
Dragon: S Ref. 19500; M Ref. 19501; L Ref. 19502 ; XL Ref. 19503
Leave: S Ref. 19504; M Ref. 19505; L Ref. 19506 ; XL Ref. 19507
Trencadís: S Ref. 19508; M Ref. 19509; L Ref. 19510 ; XL Ref. 19511




Unlimited travel throughout Barcelona












The fabric features the water sea effects evoked by Gaudinian trencadís.

Price: 17,50 € Ref. 19516


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Punt d'informació de la Sagrada Família / The Sagrada Família Information Point
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E-08013 Barcelona

Centre d'interpretació del Parc Güell / Park Güell Interpretation Centre
Pavelló d'entrada / Entrance pavilion
Carrer d'Olot, s/n
E-08024 Barcelona

La Botiga del Museu d'Història de la Ciutat / The City History Museum Gift Shop
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Tel. +(34) 93 315 11 11

La Botiga del Museu Picasso / Picasso Museum Gift Shop
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