7th Ribermúsica Fall Festival 2002

18.10.2002 - 20.10.2002

The Festival dedicates some of its acts to Antoni Gaudí this year. Accions per Gaudí (Actions for Gaudí), a proposal combining music, poetry, dance, theater, and performance art, and Música per Gaudí (Music for Gaudí), miscellaneous music with the works of composers from the same period as the architect and some pieces created specially for the occasion stand out.

Organization: Fundació Privada Ribermúsica

Fundació Privada Ribermúsica
Placeta Montcada, 14 4t | 08003 Barcelona
Tel. 933 103 089 | Fax 933 103 841 | ribermusica@arrakis.es


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