Verdaguer and Gaudí: Tradition and Modernity

in Turn-of-the-Century Barcelona, 1878 - 1912

8.3.2002 - 9.6.2002 EXTENDED TO 1 SEPTEMBER
Casa Padellàs. Museu d’Història de la Ciutat

This exhibit seeks to take advantage of the commemorative framework of the 150th anniversary of Gaudí’s birth and the centennial of the death of Jacint Verdaguer –both taking place in the year 2002– to take a closer look at the biography and works of these two figures, who occupy a central position in Catalan cultural memory.
Using as a chronological reference the period between 1878, the date of the publication of Atlàntida (Atlantis) and 1912, when the building of “La Pedrera” was finished, the show not only seeks to reconstruct an especially intense historical phase, but also to relate the aesthetic ideas, symbols, and metaphors of Gaudí and Verdaguer.
For this reason, the Sala Mercè, a work financed by the painter Lluis Graner and designed by Gaudí in 1904 as a cinema, audition hall, and exhibition hall has been recreated, providing a perfect setting for evoking different sentiments through the works of these figures.

Organization: Museu d’Història de la Ciutat. Institut de Cultura. Ajuntament de Barcelona with the collaboration of Cinemes Verdi and Filmax
Sponsor: Moncho’s
With the support of La Vanguardia, RAC 1 and TV3

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