Painters and sculptors, friends of Gaudí

19.6.2002 - 29.9.2002
Fundación Francisco Godia

In spite of his legendary absence from Modernist groups, Gaudí had a special friendship with several plastic artists of his time. Some, such as the painter Aleix Clapés, the draughtsman Ricard Opisso, and the sculptors Josep Llimona, Carles Mani, Emili Fontbona, Ramon Bonet, or Llorenç Matamala, collaborated with the architect on his architectural projects; others, such as the painters Francesc Gimeno, Darío de Regoyos, Joaquim Mir, or Anglada-Camarasa, were notable admirers of Gaudí’s work.
The present show is the fruit of all of these friendships, to which some pieces by Salvador Dalí must be added in culmination, as he was one of the first to vindicate and disseminate the figure of the architect internationally.

Organization: Fundación Francisco Godia

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