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The town of Vic joins in the commemorative acts held to celebrate International Gaudí Year with three different events: a photography exhibit called Enjoying Gaudí: (17.1.2002 - 17.2.2002), which shows a group of Marian Martínez’s photographs of decorative details in Gaudí’s works, three prefabricated cement pieces from the Sagrada Família, along with the replicas of Gaudí’s plaster models and the plans of the Temple, as well as the plans of the general layout of the Sagrada Família and those of a cross section of the nave; the exhibit Year of Construction Crafts (9.10.2002 - 22.10.2002); and the presentation of some studies on the relationship between Verdaguer and Gaudí within the framework of the 5th Colloquium on Verdaguer (6.11.2002 - 9.11.2002).

Living in a Gaudí house

14.9.2002 - 17.11.2002
Museu de l'Art de la Pell de Vic
C/. Arquebisbe Alemany, 5. 08500 Vic
Tel. 93 883 32 79

16.4.2002 - 10.5.2002
Facultat de Medicina

8.3.2002 - 8.4.2002
Vestibule of the Universitat de Barcelona

This exhibit is articulated as a route through the main spaces of Gaudí’s buildings, as seen through photographs of the period. The intention is to give an approximate idea of what life was like inside these buildings, so that the visit to the exhibit becomes a sort of guided tour through Gaudí’s domestic architecture.
Parallel to this itinerary, various documents on Gaudí’s time at the Universitat de Barcelona are shown, such as his student record.

Organization: Universitat de Barcelona



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