Antoni Gaudí: A Polyhedral Vision.

Gaudí’s Works in Contemporary Catalan Photography

Itinerant exposition around Europe:

Instituto Cervantes, Rome (20.12.2001 - 3.2.2002)
Piazza Navona, 91. T/ 39.06.855.19.49
Instituto Cervantes, Milano (6.3.2002 - 8.4.2002)
Via Dante, 12. T/ 39.02.720.23.450
Luxemburg Village Circle, Place d'Armes (12..4.2002 - 21.4.2002)
T/ 352.430133249 (Centre Català de Luxemburg)
Museum A.V. Schusev, Moscou (18.6.2002 - 21.7.2002)
Vozdvizhenka, 5-25

Instituto Cervantes, München (15.9.2002 - 15.10.2002)
Marstallplatz, 7. T/ 49.89.2907180
Centro Cultural Blanquerna, Madrid (5.11.2002 - 30.11.2002)
Serrano, 1. T/ 91.431.00.22
The Art Gallery of Graduate Center, New York (11.12.2002 - 7.2.2003)
The City University of New York
365, Fifth Avenue, NY. Timetable: from
Tuesday to Friday , from 12 to 18 pm

This exhibit includes photographs taken by Manel Armengol, Toni Catany, Manel Esclusa, Marc Llimargas, Leopold Pomés, Humberto Rivas, and Rafael Vargas recreating Gaudí’s universe with a renewed vision, where elements such as the imagination, poetry, or organicism that characterize Gaudí’s polyhedral world are brought together.
The fifty-two photographs reflect seven different interpretations, ranging from the desire to capture the essence of Gaudí objectively, to subjective recreation through the resources of the language of photography.
The result is a view of Gaudí’s legacy, as an homage to the architect in celebration of the 150th anniversary of his birth and, at the same time, a display of the splendid situation of contemporary artistic creation in Catalonia.

Organization: Consorci Català de Promoció Exterior de la Cultura (COPEC) and the Departament de Cultura. Generalitat de Catalunya

Information: COPEC
Portal de Sta. Madrona, 6-8 | 08001 Barcelona | Tel. 933 162 780 | Fax 933 162 789


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