Listening to Gaudí

8.1.2002 - 4.6.2002
Escola Superior d’Arquitectura,
Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

A wide-ranging cycle of conferences where the figure and works of Gaudí are analyzed by experts such as Alberto Estévez, Joan Bassegoda i Nonell, Etsuro Sotoo, Carmen Güell, Joan Molet, Anna Calvera, Imma Julián, Teresa-Montserrat Sala, Luis Gueilburt, and Lluís Bonet.

Direction: Alberto T. Estévez
Organization: Escola Superior d’Arquitectura (ESARQ), Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC)

Immaculada, 22 | 08017 Barcelona

Information and registration: Direction of the Escola Superior d’Arquitectura (ESARQ)
of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC)
Tel. 932 541 827 | Fax 932 541 842 | |

5.2.2002 - 12.3.2002
Palau de la Virreina, Espai 4

Cycle of conferences with the participation of students of Gaudí’s work and people who are currently working on one of his buildings, such as Etsuro Sotoo, a sculptor who is collaborating in the continuation of the Sagrada Família. Organization: Amics dels Museus de Catalunya La Rambla, 99 | 08002 Barcelona Information and registration: Amics dels Museus de Catalunya Tel. 933 014 379 | Fax 933 189 421 |


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